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The 142nd Infantry Regiment was constituted May 5, 1917 as 7th Infantry Regiment, Texas National Guard. Organized May‑July 1917 with Headquarters federally recognized July 29, 1917. Called and drafted into Federal Service August 5, 1917. Consolidated with 1st. Oklahoma Infantry Regiment and redesignated 142nd. Infantry Regiment 36th. Division October 15,1917. Demobilized June 17,1919 at Camp Bowie Texas (36th. Division demobilized June 18, 1919 at Camp Bowie; reorganized May 2, 1923 at San Antonio). Reorganized 1921‑1922 as 142nd. Infantry Regiment TNG 36th. Division with headquarters Federally recognized May 17, 1922. Inducted into Federal Service November 25, 1940 at Ft. Worth. Inactivated December 15, 1945 at Camp Patrick Henry, VA. Reorganized with headquarters Federally recognized February 26, 1947 at Amarillo.

Home Area: North Central Texas
Decorations include: DUC embroidered SIEGFRIED LINE
  FRCDEG with Palm embroidered VOSGES
  DUC embroidered SELESTAT to Headquarters company 1st Battalion, Co. A, Co.B, Co.D Co. I
  DUC embroidered VOSGES to Headquarters Co. 3rd. Battalion Co. M.
  DUC embroidered OBERHOFFEN to Co. I (then Co.C)
Coat of Arms: Shield‑Azure blue (for infantry), issuant in Chief the shell torn church steeple of St.Etienne France. The church at St. Etienne, France was in the sector the regiment received its baptism of fire in World War I. The wavy fess symbolizes the Aisne River where the regiment's outstanding achievements of World War I took place. It also symbolizes the Red River separating Texas and Oklahoma from which were drawn the units composing the 142nd. Infantry Regiment in World War I.
Motto: I'll Face You


World War II Service Record

- Col. George E. Lynch

 Executive Officer

- Lt.Col. Everett S.  Simpson

April 1, 1943  

- Sailed from New York harbor

 April 13, 1943  

- Landed in Oran Africa. Division to Magenta for training. 
- 142nd Co. M to Arzew

 August, 1943  

- Reassembled at Arzew Beach. 
- Sailed from Oran to Salerno.

Sept 9, 1943  

- Landed on Salerno beach

Nov 15, 1943  

- Mt. Camino

Dec 16, 1943  

- Mt. Lungo

Dec 25, 1943  

- Mt Summucro
- Rapido River

Jan 1, 1944  

- Cassino
- Attached to 34th. Division‑Terrelle  Sector
- Mt Castelone, Madeloni, Torrino  (near Naples) Qualiano

May, 1944  

- Anzio Beach

May 30, 1944  

- Velletri

June 2, 1944  

- Alban Hills ‑ Rome
- Civittavechia, Capalbio, Magliano,  Grosetto
Sieno relieved ‑ back to Rome

 Aug 15, 1944  

- Naples to St. Raphael
- Frijus, Droguinan, Gap, Nyons,  St. Martin, Crest, Alex, Livron,  Lyon, St. Vith, Luxueil, Plombieres,  Remiremont

Sept 27 -
Oct 3, 1944

- Tendon
- Les Rouge Eaux, LaPetite, Houssiere,  MaNDRAY, St. Marie Aux Mines

Nov 27, 1944  

‑ St Croix 
- Selestat, Mittlevihr, Strasbourg

Dec 25, 1944  

‑ Trais Fontaines

Jan 3, 1945  

‑ Montbrann
‑ Bitche Sector 
- Mirlebach 
- Hagenau

Feb 1, 1945  

‑ Oberhoffen 
- Rohrweiler

Mar 15, 1945  

‑ Moder River
- Wissembourg

Mar 19, 1945  

‑ Siegfried Line and Ober‑Otterbach Rulzheim, Kaiserslautern
- Landsberg, Murnau, Kufstein, Itter, Kitzbuhel

May 9, 1945  

‑ Mittersill



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