The Regiment, as part of the Division, occupied the Kaufbeuren, Mindenheim, Blaubeuren, Geislingen and Goppingen area for several months, while the veterans were either returned to the United States or transferred to a Division which was slated for occupation duty. Most of the veterans of the Division were transferred to either the 63d Infantry Division or the 12th Armored Division for return to the United States. The Regiment, itself, embarked at Marseilles in December, and was inactivated 22nd of December 1945, at Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia.

The Commanding Generals of the 36th Infantry Division during World War II were Major General Claude V Birkhead, 1940-1941, who took the Division to Active duty; Major General Fred L Walker, 1941-1944; Major General John E Dahlquist, 1944-1945, and Brigadier General Robert I Stack.

The Commanders of the 143d Infantry during World War II wore Colonel William C. Torrence, Waco, Texas; Brigadier General (then Colonel) William H. Martin, Houston, Texas; Major General (then Colonel) Paul D. Adams, Colonel Charles J. Denholm and Colonel John J. Albright.

War-time commanders of the First Battalion wore Lt Col Napoleon Rainbolt, Lt Col Samuel H. Graham, Lt Col William B. Goddard, Lt Col Fred L. Walker Jr, Lt Col William G. Burgess, Lt Col David H. Frazior, Lt Col Thomas R. Clarkin, and Major Sanford H. Webster.

War-time commanders of the Second Battalion were Lt Col John L. Morley, Lt Col Henry H. Carden, Lt Col Hal B. Jones, Lt Col Charles B. Denholm, Lt Col Gualden M. Watkins, Lt Col Marion P. Bowden, Major Robert L. O'Brien, Lt Col Major M. Rains. and Capt Wendell C. Phillippi.

War-time commanders of the Third Battalion were Lt Col William A. Martin, Lt Col Joseph S. Barnett, Lt Col Van W. Pyland, Lt Col Howard K. Dodgon, Lt Col Paul D. Carter, Lt Col James T. Skells, Major James O. Summer Jr, Capt John J. O'Malley, Lt Col Theodore H. Andrews and Major Marcus W Adams.

Of the 27,343 casualties the Division suffered, more that 9,000 were in the 143d Infantry. Of the 175,806 enemy soldiers captured, more than 75,000 were captures by the 143d Infantry. Of the 15 Congressional Medals of Honor the 36th Infantry Division members were awarded, five of them went to men of the 143d Infantry.

The units of the 143d Infantry received five Presidential Unit Citations. They were (1) All units of First Battalion for "ALSACE", (2) All units of Second Battalion for "COLMAR POCKET", (3) All units of Third Battalion for "RIBBEAUVILLE", (4) All units of Third Battalion for "MAGRANON RIDGE", and (5) Company K for "BITSCHOFFEN." Tank Company was awarded the "RIBBEAUVILLE" streamer along with the Third Battalion.

Service Company was awarded two Meritorious Unit Streamers embroidered "EUROPEAN THEATER."

The Regiment, as part of the Division, was awarded the Croix de Guerre, with palm, embroidered "VOSGES", by the Republic of France.

The Regiment has been awarded eight Campaign Streamers. One is for the Meuse-Argonne Campaign in World War I. The others are for World War II as follows: Naples-Foggia (with arrowhead); Anzio; Rome-Arno; Southern France (with arrowhead); Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; and Central Europe.

Over 12,000 men passed through the 143d Infantry during World War II. During its combat period of World War II, the Regiment was in the line for a total of 386 days actively engaged with the enemy.


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