In 1946, initial steps to reorganize the Regiment was taken and by the end of 1947, the Regiment was completely organized. The Headquarters was recognized April 24, 1947. Post-war commanders have been Brigadier General (then Colonel) Robert M. Ives from date of activation to March 2, 1953, and Colonel David M. Frazier from March 3, 1953, to date.

During the many years of service, the Regiment has been organized in many fashions—as a separate regiment—as a part of a brigade—as part of a s square division, and as part of a triangular division. Now, as plans are being made to convert the Regiment Into Battle Groups in order to cope with the atomic warfare tactics, the 143d Infantry is meeting the challenge. Regardless of the challenge of the future, the State of Texas and Nation is assured of that same sterling service and valor from the 143d Infantry as her glorious record shows she has delivered when called upon in her heroic past.


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