443rd Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion in World War II



On 21 October Lt. Col. Larson was informed by the 45th AAA Brigade that the Battalion would be attached to the Texas 36th Infantry Division, which had distinguished itself in the Salerno landing and in the advance to Naples.

The II Corps commanding general had the 443rd inspected on 26 October and the unit was declared ready for combat. Its Communication Section under Lt. Cole was especially complimented. On 31 October a number of events occurred; Eight lieutenants were promoted to first lieutenant; the 443rd was assigned to the 2626 Provisional AAA Brigade, attached to II Corps but with attachment to the 36th Division remaining unchanged; and Major General Fred Walker, 36th Division Commander, visited the 443rd Headquarters. The 443rd Battalion staff began its liaison and planning with the staff of the 36th Division — a relationship that was to continue until the war’s end.

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