443rd AAA Bn in World War II



In between convoy movement and battles were many interludes which brought news and interesting experiences. In Docelles a wealthy French woman invited the 443rd CP officers to her home for a superb meal. It was evident that she wanted to get one of the young officers interested in her (too) young daughter. In the same vicinity an often seen activity was observed as two French women were making ersatz coffee by roasting kernels of grain in a metal cylinder resembling a stovepipe with a screen dividing it in half and hot charcoal on the bottom level.

On 14 October members of the 443rd were authorized to wear the 36th Infantry Division’s shoulder patch — the well-known T-Patch. This news was warmly welcomed by 443rd men who had developed a close affinity with the 36th Division and its men.

A number of inspections occurred during these operations. Generals came from the Antiaircraft Command in Richmond and from the Army Ground Forces Command. One general saw an enlisted man’s cot in a tent with ten blankets on it. Said the general, "Where did you get all these blankets"? Without batting an eye the G.I. answered, "From the infantry, because they threw their blankets away".

On 25 October, the 443rd received commendations from Lt. General Mark Clark, 5th Army Commander, for excellent performance during the Italian Campaign.

Capt. Wells Lewis (son of Sinclair Lewis) who had left the 443rd to become aide to General Dahlquist, was killed by a German sniper’s bullet as he stood next to the general on 29 October.

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