443rd Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion in World War II


If all the men who served in the 443rd AAA AW Bn (SP) were able to meet together and, in some way, share and record the countless stories about what happened to them and to those with whom they shared the combat experience of the 443rd, the history of the unit would be complete. In fact., it would fill many, long volumes.

Since the above is not possible, I hope that readers will regard the numerous events and experiences that are included here as representative of the other thousands that did occur. I trust that this brief accounting of the combat record of the 443rd will help recall those poignant memories, both glad and sad., that mirror the real accomplishments of young American citizens turned soldier to help win the widest ranging, most devastating war in history.

Werner L. Larson, Lt. Col., U.S. Army( Ret)


Through my many years of Regular Army service, following World War II, I have never ceased to ferret out and collect data and information about the 443rd and its record of combat. I could never forget the 1945 promise made to men of the 443rd when we were in Austria at the war's end — that I would write a history of the Battalion. The task of collecting information from many sources and organizing it into a brief but comprehensive history is done but I want to especially thank two 443rd members for their share in what became a monumental task. William S. Harvey of Sherman Oaks, California, kindly gave permission to use his fine pen and ink drawings, sketched during his experience with the 443rd in North Africa and Sicily. Finally my thanks must go to John R. Fisher of Greensboro, North Carolina. His invaluable role in providing information and other assistance has enabled me to fulfill my 1945 promise to men of the 443rd — W. L. L.

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