Chaplains of the
36th Infantry Division


Chaplain (Colonel) Herbert E. MacCombie
Division Chaplain

Rest Camp At Bains Les Bains

At this time the division decided to establish a rest center at Bains Les Bains.  On December 5th I had a conference with G1.  It was decided to keep one chaplain on duty there at all times.  It had been my experience that when the men were out of the lines, they felt a special need for conferences with the chaplain.  Later on VI Corps sought my help in setting up such arrangements in their rest camp.

I sent Chaplain Goldman Drury to organize the Chaplains' Section at Bains Les Bains.  He did a very good job.  From that time on until the Rest Center was closed, there was always a chaplain available for consultation.

The Rest Center at Bains Les Bains proved to be a great success.  Some men who had been there once, preferred to go back to our center rather than to Nancy or some larger center.  Hot baths, sheeted beds, dining table were all appreciated by battle-weary men.

The civilian population were very co-operative.  During the German occupation the local priest had forbidden the girls to attend dances.  He encouraged them to attend our dance.


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