Chaplains of the
36th Infantry Division


Chaplain (Colonel) Herbert E. MacCombie
Division Chaplain

Transferring To The 12th Armored Division
And Home

On June 29, we held a festive occasion, called the Danube Didoes in honor of General Dahlquist.  It was a commemoration of Five Campaigns together – Naples–Forgia; Rome-Arno; Southern France; Rhineland; and Central Europe.  The program was arranged for the officers of Headquarters Forward, 36th “Texas” Infantry Division.

On July 4th I was transferred to the 12th Armored Division.  While there I had one final opportunity to help a friend from the 36th Division.

Colonel Stovall had been made commanding officer of the 343rd Engineers.  He had a chaplain whom he did not want.  He had gone to the Seventh Army Chaplain to get a chaplain more to his liking.  He was turned down.

I happened to be at Seventh Army Headquarters on business.  Colonel Stovall told me of his problem.  I went to Chaplain Donnelly.  I told him that Colonel Stovall had been one of the most co-operative unit commanders in the 36th Division.  He knew and appreciated good chaplains.  Besides that Chaplain Donnelly owed me a favor in consideration of my co-operation in the matter of my transfer.

I recommended that Chaplain Hopkinson of the 12th Armored Division be transferred. It would be good for the Chaplain and it would be good for the 343rd.  Colonel Stovall got a good chaplain for his unit.

I only stayed eleven days with the 12th Armored Division.  On July 15th I picked up my orders and was on my way home.  I was a high point man – 131 points.


Copyright 2001 by Mary MacCombie Fietsam
Printed by Permission

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