This is to remember My Uncle , His name was Claude J. Huffman he was killed in action in France on or about 30-Oct 1944 .  He had been dead for11years when I was born but, as a little boy the tombstone was a place where my Grandmother used to spend a lot of time and energy setting scollop shells and such to help hold the earth in place . I use to ask my Father about the grave and he would shy away from answering me, not out of not caring but out of still being heartbroken.   

    After time had gone on I was about 10yrs. Old when I finally found out who this man Claude was, My Father told me that he was 18 when he was drafted in the army that he went to bootcamp and then straight to France. It has been yearís since I started to learn more about Claude , but there is only so much that you can find out without any directions, and then I got my computer and the world of the internet came to life. It started out with a simple trip to the Normandy Allies site and boy did it take off from there, not all at once. A little here a little there. Itís been a year now and Iím still getting notes from his buddies telling me they canít quite remember him. So I looked around and found this picture of him. In fact I didnít even know it existed, but thatís another story. This is to pay my respectís to him for what he did in France so long ago. He is not a mystery any more to me . And as long as I have breath in me I will make sure that people wonít forget him and all of the husbands fathers, brothers and uncleís that made the ultimate sacrifice so I can write this and so you can read it.  God bless the 36th Division. And everyone thats connected to it, for they are keeping the torch brightly shining for those brave souls and their families.   If you wish to contact me my e-mail address is


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