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No Rest Camp is complete without music. Shown here is the "Jam Band" of the 36th Division Band playing in the Dining Room of Hotel Kelly. Front row (left to right): Pfc. John Forte, Pfc. Bob Knox, Cpl. Tony Lauro, Pfc. Dick Wolf. Back Row: Pfc. Bill Mattingly, Pfc. Guido Lauro and Sgt. Lewis Coldeway


Miss Ann Goplerud, popular ARC songtress with bandsman Nelson Jung, vocalist with the 36th Division Band, blend their voices in a duet for the listening pleasure of the guests of the Rest Camp
Dances are regular events at the Rest Camp, where the GI's can brush up on their "light fantastic". An ample number of the local mademoiselles always turn out for these events. The Snack Bar is a popular attraction at each of the dances.

(All Photos By T-Patch Staff Photographer Max Shaffer)

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