William Austin McMeans Internship Program- Summer 2022

Camp Mabry, 2200 W 35th St. Austin, Tx

Short Description

The Texas Military Forces Museum intern will be intimately involved in learning the operations of a large museum with a small staff.  The intern will engage in all aspects of museum work including cataloging, collections management, exhibit design and construction, special and educational events, fulfilling research requests, giving guided tours, administrative duties to include non-profit retail management, and operational management of the museum.  The intern will become well-versed in use of the Past Perfect curatorial database program used by all military and Federal museums.  At the end of the internship the successful candidate will be well-grounded in the curatorial, exhibit, operational and education components of museum operation.  The museum is open to additional requirements that may be required by faculty for intern to receive course credit.


The applicant should be pursuing a career in the museum, history, education or military fields.  A specialization, knowledge or interest in United States military history is preferred but not required.  Applicant should feel comfortable interacting with the public and providing tours for secondary age school children.  Applicant must feel comfortable working for the United States Armed Forces and around military personal and should comport themselves accordingly.

Minimum Work Requirement

15 hours per week, to include two to four Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. each month. Weekday schedule may involve full days or half days.


The Texas Military Forces Historical Foundation will pay a $1250 stipend per semester to the selected candidate. Payment of $312.50 will be paid at the end of each month of completed work.

Working environment

The Texas Military Forces Museum is located on Camp Mabry at the intersection of 35th St. and MoPac.  There is no bus access to the museum and private transportation will be required.  Intern must have a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license to enter Camp Mabry. The museum has wifi internet access and interns are allowed to bring a laptop to work.


Send a copy of your resume and letter of interest to txmilmuseum@gmail.com  Call 512-782-5394 with any questions. Deadline is  May 13, 2022 with a start date of May 23, 2022 and an end date of September 6, 2022.

WWII Poisonous Gas Education Posters

The museum has all kinds of artifacts and documents, from tanks and weapons, to uniform and equipment, to documents, to training aids. These four posters were produced during WWII as training aids to teach soldiers about poison gas which has been used extensively during WWI. In addition to their historic importance they also represent the artistic media of the time.


Usually a colorless gas, poisonous at room temperature, also used to make plastics and pesticides. A suffocating agent it was one of the main gas killers of soldiers during WWI.


Mustard Gas:

Also known as “Sulfur Mustard” it causes blistering of the skin and mucous membranes. It has been used in warfare as recently as 1988.




A blistering agent like Mustard Gas, Lewisite contains arsenic. It became obsolete in the 1950’s and the last stockpile was destroyed in 2012



Used in agriculture as a soil fumigant, Chlorpicrin has been used in warfare and for riot control. It is similar in nature to tear gas.