36th Signal Company - Message Center Section


The 36th Signal Company is awarded the Meritorious Service Unit Plaque for outstanding devotion to duty in the performance of exceptionally difficult tasks. During the period 15 August 1944 thru 8 May 1945 the 36th Division message Center messengers travelled 103,894 miles, while the message center handled 98,320 messages, sent 421,608 message groups by teletype, 201,178 message groups by radio, and 250 air messenger hours were recorded.


This isn’t a diary, and it isn’t a history. It does not pretend to be literary. The purpose of it is to help you remember the places you’ve been, the things you’ve seen and sweated out, and the guys you’ve shared the time with. Just about everybody is mentioned somewhere, but of course I couldn’t tell everything about everything. If this booklet enables you better to recontruct your experiences in France, Germany and Austria, and thereby gives you pleasure, it will fulfill all its purpose. Good luck, gentlemen.


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