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What does G Company do and where?
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Who is G Company?

What does G Company do and where?

G Company is the officially recognized living history detachment of the Texas Military Forces and Texas National Guard.  Members of the company are volunteers of the Texas Military Forces Museum located at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas.  The unit supports the museum and the Texas Military Forces by hosting and participating in the annual Muster Day event at Camp Mabry -- a celebration and commemoration of all Texas military history which brings together reenacting units, historians and military vehicle collectors from the Texas Revolution through the Vietnam War.  A World War II battle reenactment is always a major part of Muster Day, however, G Company places great emphasis on creating realistic displays to help educate the public about the day to day life and realities for the front line soldier in World War II.

Guard of Honor and Escort for Medal of Honor Winner Staff Sergeant James LoganIn addition to Muster Day, G Company also stages "Close Assault 1944" on Memorial Day weekend and the weekend closest to Veterans Day each year.  Among the highlights of these events, held on the parade ground at Camp Mabry, are the weapons firing and tactical demonstrations which take place several times each day.  Various American, German and Japanese weapons are explained to visitors and then demonstrated. The finale of the demonstration is a combined arms assault on a recreated portion of the Siegfried Line on the German border during World War II.

G Company also provides living history displays at air shows, public events, veterans reunions, and Texas National Guard functions around the state, as well as honor guards and color guards for special ceremonies.  In 1997, members of G Company were the guard of honor and escort for Staff SGT James Logan, who received the Medal of Honor for his actions at Salerno in 1943, when he received the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor.  When SGT Logan passed away, G Company was the firing party at his funeral.  G Company provided the historical color guard when the Texas National Guard was re-flagged to the 36th Infantry Division in 2005, and has participated in numerous mobilization and welcome home ceremonies for Texas National Guard units during the current conflict.

Past Events

G Company boasts an impressive record of achievement.  Past events hosted, organized and run by G Company include Operation Pacific Fury, a reenactment of the invasion of Tarawa held on Galveston's East Beach in 1997; Iwo Jima + 60, the largest Pacific Theater reenactment ever staged, which took place in Doss, Texas in 2005; Battle Stations 1944 the living history event on board the battleship USS Texas where the crew lived, ate, slept and worked on the ship for two days.  For 10 years G Company ran the Island Assault 1944 living history program at the Admiral Nimitz Museum.

Island AssaultIn addition to living history, educational and ceremonial activities, members of G Company also take part in World War II battle reenactments throughout the year, including private tactical events.  The unit has traveled across the country to participate in a wide variety of reenactments, including the 50th Anniversary reenactments of the battle of Okinawa held in California, the Battle of the Bulge held at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania, D-Day events at Fort Gruber in Oklahoma, and the Battle Fest reenactment hosted by the Mississippi Military Forces Museum at Camp Shelby, Mississippi.  The unit, wearing Class A uniforms, traveled by train from Texas to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin to participate in a national WWII reenactment and by bus to take part in Operation Cobra held in Nebraska.  G Company has been to Maryland on two occasions to practice amphibious operations, including descending rope nets from a WWII Victory ship into landing craft.  Some members of G Company have World War I and Vietnam War impressions and participate in events from these conflicts around the country each year.

What does it take to be a member of G Company?

G Company is not for everyone. The company is a "hard core" LIVING HISTORY GROUP. Our principle aim is to find out what it was like to be there on the front lines of World War II and educate and commemorate along the way. Authenticity standards, both physical and mental are very high. Equipment, uniforms, tentage, weapons, etc. but be 100% authentic or accurate reproductions. Facial hair and haircuts must conform to U.S. military standards for the 1940s. We practice the art of total immersion into the time period -- this includes period drill, period tactics, sleeping in pup tents or on the field in foxholes we have dug ourselves, period paper work and military discipline.  The unit has an outstanding reputation as a fine combat unit. This Fighting Positionreputation has been earned by men willing to live, move and fight like the G.I.s and Marines of World War II did -- no matter how hot, cold, wet or dry the weather or how hard the work or how uncomfortable the living conditions. Our feeling is that the men fighting in Europe and in the Pacific endured these things day in and day out for weeks or months on end; we ought to be able to endure them for a few days.

Safety is a primary concern at events as is unit morale and cohesion. Those who cannot follow orders and obey instructions or who are not willing to be part of a functioning military organization will probably not enjoy being a part of G Company. There are no height, weight or age requirements (except that you must be over 16). Men and women of all races are welcome as members. The most important asset is attitude and a desire to "do it right."

G Company in a non-political organization and it neither subscribes to nor supports any political group or agenda. Our primary and unifying interest is to better understand the history of our nation, our military and the Second World War by an intensely interactive study of the past and use that knowledge to educate the public, honor our veterans and support the Texas Military Forces.

How do I get started?

It is easy to get into the hobby of living history. We can help you find the right gear -- our members have uniforms, weapons and equipment to loan you while you test the waters. When you're ready to buy your own gear, we can help you get what you need.

G Company charges minimal dues and most battle reenactments have only minimal participation fees. All potential members are assigned a sponsor and eligible to be voted into full membership after participating in two G Company events. Those going are required by the Texas National Guard to pass a simple criminal background check. If you think G Company is for you, contact us to learn more at

Who is G Company?

G Company is one of the premier U.S. World War II living history units in the country. An integral part of the Texas Military Forces Museum at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas and the official living history detachment of the Texas Military Forces, the men and women of G Company seek to honor America's veterans while educating themselves and the general public regarding the uniforms, equipment, drill and day-to-day realities of the American infantrymen in both Europe and the Pacific during World War II.

Company Photo with AwardG Company's primary impression is G Company, 2nd Battalion, 141st Infantry of the 36th "Texas" Division. The 36th was made up of Texas National Guard units called into service in November of 1940.  The 36th served in North Africa, as part of the 5th Army it invaded Italy at Salerno, fought at San Pietro, the Rapido River, Cassino, Anzio and Velletri, opening the door to Rome, before participating in the Allied landings in Southern France. As part of the VI Corps of the 7th Army, the division fought bloody battles in the Vosges Mountains, helped reduce the Colmar Pocket and then fought its way through the Siegfried line into Germany.

G Company has many secondary impressions including the U.S. Army infantrymen or United States Marine in the Pacific Theater.  The Texas National Guard sent several units, including the 124th Cavalry RCT, to fight in the Southwest Pacific and G Company has the capability of donning the appropriate uniform and equipment to represent these commands. G Company's USMC impression is internationally renowned.  A large number of G Company members also participate in World War I and Vietnam War events and reenactments, while some do Civil War and Texas Revolution.  Many members own and restore World War II military vehicles, and the unit boasts at least 8 jeeps, 2 halftracks, a staff car, a command car, several trucks and even a Sherman tank among its assets.

When appropriate, we will don other division patches and undertake other impressions, but our primary focus is on the ordinary U.S. Army or Marine infantryman. Members of G Company get a chance to learn World War II infantry tactics, drill, camp life and radio procedures, as well as getting opportunities to work with machine guns, tanks, artillery pieces, aircraft and even naval vessels!

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