36th Division in World War II

A Pictorial History

About This Book

This is primarily a book of pictures, intended to convey to each of the fifty thousand wearers of the T-Patch, their relatives and friends, a first-hand recollection of the battles we've fought and the places we've been. No one volume could begin to do this completely nor to cite individ­ual honors as they ought to be told. Therefore it is a very general story about the 36th Division and names are rarely mentioned in the body of the text. Historically, though limited in scope to the point where a platoon action may be lost as it is woven into the bigger picture of the Division accomplishment as a whole, the book is accurate, done in the light of the combat records and verified by a personal check of our combat leaders. The story of the 36th at Salerno, at the Rapido, in the Vosges and through the Siegfried, is a grim one which the pictures available can only partially portray. The mud and the sweat, the sleepless nights and the noise cannot be brought into your living room in a crisply bound book. But we hope it will serve even your children's children as a memento of the strained months and years you marched and fought with the 36th.

A Pictorial History of the 36th Division

Published by
The 36th Division Association
Austin, Texas

Compiled by
The 36th Division Pictorial History Team




Germany and Austria

The Way Home

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