To commemorate their fiftieth anniversary in 1973, members of the 111th Tactical Fighter Squadron produced a pictorial history covering the years 1923 through 1973. Reproduced here is the section recording the 111th's service in World War II.

Editor in Chief
Associate Editor
Associate Editor
MSgt. James T. Densford
Lt. Col. Leroy Thompson
Lt. Col. Maurice U. Westerfeld
Photographic Preparation Airman Gary A. Gunter
Sgt. Harry H. Gendel
Sgt. David D. Duncan
World War II
1940 - 1945
CMSgt Waldo A. Gaedke
CWO I. J. Stepchinski
SMSgt Henry M. Seale
World War II

Part I - In Training
Part II - Fort Dix
Part III - At Sea
Part IV - In The British Isles
Part V - At Sea, Again
Part VI - The Battle of Arzew
Part VII - North Africa
Part VIII - Sicily
Part IX - Italy
Part X - Corsica
Part XI - France
Part XII - Ace