Texas Military Forces
Historical Sketches

Volunteer Guard Encampment

Our Mission

“Tell the story of the Texas Military Forces from 1823 through the present and into the future, support the mission of the Texas Military Forces, honor our veterans, educate our fellow citizens, inspire esprit d’ corps among the men and women of the Texas Military Forces, and inspire our youth to serve.”

War of Independence

Battle of Gonzales

"Remember the Alamo"

Fannin and His Men

San Jacinto

Heroes of San Jacinto

First Years of Republic

The Texas Republic - Part I
The Texas Republic - Part II

The Texas Navy

Uniforms of the Republic of Texas

Indian Fighting

War With Mexico

The Civil War

Texas During the War

Texas Forces in the Civil War


1870 to 1879

1880 to 1897

Spanish-American War

1898 to 1916

Reduction to a Brigade

Mexican Border Service

World War I Period

36th Division

World War I Choctaw Indian Code Talkers

The Story of the Choctaw Indian Code Talker Exhibit

National Guard at Home

Post-War Period

1922 to 1939

Condition of the Guard

Texas National Guard 1940 Review

World War II

36th  "Texas"  Infantry  Division

144th  Infantry  Regiment

2nd  Battalion,  131st  Field  Artillery

112th Cavalry  Regiment

124th  Cavalry  Regiment

111th  Observation Squadron

Post World War II

A Brief History of the Texas National Guard after World War II

An Introduction to the history of the 49th (Lone Star) Armored Division
( Part I: 1947 - 1963)